Kubernetes setup

Hello all
just wanted to ask. m a noob in all this so pardon the ?'s. also trying to kill 2 birds with actually 3 with one stone. learning container/rancher/k8 all at the same time. seems like they are tied someway, somehow:grin:
so i have setup an environment with 4 VM, 1 rancher server, 3 agents, running docker 1.11 and rancher 1.1.1 and deploying k8 environment
some ?'s i had

  1. when i run docker ps, seems like none of the ports are mapped to the host port. do i have to do this manually? how do i access the k8 UI?? is there any other method of exposing the container ports to the host??
  2. i am able to ping the different IP’s for each services e.g. master controller, scheduler, etcd. but unable to access them from external. assuming this is the port issue

trying to use the kubectl on my workstation. followed kubernetes guide for setup. i use the API from the config generated from Rancher

  1. but when i try to use the config for kubectl, i get server forbidden error.
  2. this is really a noob ?. when do i use the ACCOUNT API keys vs the ENVIRONMENT API keys?

i think that’s it for now.

thanks. sorry for the many ?'s

Kubernetes doesn’t support docker 1.11 yet, so you should use docker 1.10.3.

I’m not sure what you mean by “accessing the k8s UI”. The kubernetes system services are not meant to be seen or exposed on any port in a host. They are containers that run so that you can use Rancher to start kubernetes services.

When you set up kubernetes for kubectl, did you copy the config in the locationg requested?

Environment API keys are API keys specific to the environment. So you’ll be able to add services, hosts etc in that environment.

Account API keys are API keys tied to an account and allow you to also CRUD environments

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