Disabling the ipsec service

My hosts run independently of each other and I’m not interested in a cloud formation of any sorts. Servers don’t need to communicate among them and all my services run with net=host. My question is, can I delete the ipsec services? It’s giving me nothing but trouble so far and every upgrade is painfully slow due to this service constantly crashing.

From your stack, choose upgrade:

Then, from Network, choose host:

I don’t think there are any negatives to leaving the ipsec network in place.

all my services run with net=host

That’s done already. The negative is the fact that ipsec fails to start on 90 servers which brings down my rancher server, mysql server and also the scheduler server due to a crap load of info being sent back and forth every millisecond.

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@Romeo_Mihalcea Can you please find/ping me on https://slack.rancher.io? I would like to collect some debug information from your setup and see how we can resolve your problem.