Ipsec is degraded

I have just added a new environment and host to my rancher server.

The host starts, however, all the infrastructure stacks are either “unhealthy” or “degraded”

I checked the logs of these services and I am getting “Removing bad service instance: Timeout getting IP address"
in all the stacks except for the “network-services” stack where the “metadata + 1sidekick” is getting the following error
"Activating (Expected state running but got stopped: Error response from daemon: cannot join network of a non running container: 8df930d161974c20f8929bb73827992c2b4de670d4b8e6632827e405c68afb19)”

Has aanyone else experienced this. I am at a loss as to what is wrong here.

I forgot to post the version I am using. It is v1.6.6

High possibility that you are hitting: https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/8383.

As suggested in the comments, can you please make sure you have registered the hosts correctly?

thank you. That is indeed what was wrong. I was using its public ipaddress
instead of the private one on the same network as the rancher/server. As a
result, the ip in the hosts display was “none”.