Disk space on AWS using RacherOS from Marketplace

When I create an EC2 instance using RacherOS from the AWS Marketplace,

I allocated 50Gb of disk space, but when I launch and ssh in and do a ‘df -h’ I only see 8Gb which is a real number that fills up quickly.

I’ve done it twice to confirm.

How can I access the other 42Gb?

Thanks, Mark,

The RancherOS in AWS Marketplace is v0.4.2 and not v0.4.4. We are in the process of adding v0.4.4, which has the resizing working again.

You can find the v0.4.4 AMI under Community AMIs.

Thanks for that. Because I have kept my RancherOS version up to date and still have the problem, Can you confirm that if the original install has this problem that it can’t be fixed by upgrading then running some sort of fix?

Also, what is the best way currently to deploy on AWS? Thanks!

Launching a fresh install of v0.4.4 would be the best way to deploy on AWS. v0.4.4 is still only located under Community AMIs as we are going through the AWS process to get the latest into the MP.


We have updated the AWS marketplace to include RancherOS v0.4.4.