RancherOS resize disk

and congrats on 0.4.0 release! It’s most welcome :smile:

There has been a discussion earlier in this forum regarding how to grow partitions in RancherOS.

RancherOS now works nicely using cloud-init on OpenStack, but I am still wondering whats the beste way of growing disk.

One way is running ubuntu conainer and cloud-guest-utils/parted after boot, but maybe it would be possible to run a the same script during instance creation in Openstack.

Do you have any recommendations on whats the best angle here?

br hw

Hey @hwaastad,

One of the things we’re planning for v0.4.1 is automatic partition expansion. The development version of this feature is known to work on Amazon EC2, but it’s not quite ready yet.

You can basically do what this script does:

16065 should be replaced with whatever block number your first partition starts with after RancherOS has been installed (but not yet expanded).

The container is currently based on debian:jessie, but I’m hoping to get this working with a more lightweight base image, like our buildroot base image or alpine.

Thanks for using RancherOS!

and thanks for answering.

I’ll modify my base openstack image and give it a shot.


br hw