DNS Forwarder issue

I am having an issue where I have 4 DNS servers ( Suse 11 ) 1 Primary and 3 secondaries running. We are having an issue where the servers are not talking to the internic. The initial master server was a AIX server that we are trying to decommission but it seems that there are some connections still to that server. I removed the AIX server from the names server list that I have with in the Linux servers. I removed the AIX server ip address from the name server list and basic options with in the DNS Gui. I have removed the AIX ip address from the forwarder.conf file just to be safe. I am not sure why I stop the NAMED service on the AIX server that my Linux DNS servers lost communication to the internet. I also am having a really odd behavior where I remove the forwarder line and servers from the basic option on the primary server ( Linux ) but when I restart DNS it is recreated in the named.conf file and in the gui.

I need some help.


Sorry placed in wrong posting area. Please disregard here and look under configuration and administer

This does not sound like an issue w/SAP stuff at all, but since you posted
in another forum already I presume your answer will come from there anyway.


Good luck.

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