Docker logging Support in UI


docker-compose supports following logging configuration.

   driver: syslog
     syslog-address: "tcp://"

But I am getting following error while deploying through UI

Error (Unsupported config option for logging service: ‘options’ Unsupported config option for driver service: ‘logging’ Unsupported config option for service: ‘driver’)

Is there any alternative parameter for this or any other options to create a tag for each container logs(send to a syslog server) created through the catalogs ?


The error sounds like you have the logging key at the wrong level so it thinks logging is a service instead of a property of a service.

Hello Vincent,

I have corrected the levels using below syntax, and its saying “logging” option itself invalid

- driver: “syslog”
- options:
syslog-address: "tcp:// "

Error (Unsupported config option for apache service: ‘logging’)

What could be the issue?

Anything related to docker-compose.yml format? Rancher uses version: ‘2’ by default


Thanks Vincent, I am able to create it now. I have to include “Services” line explicitly in the top to fix the issue