Docker or rancher bug?

After docker secrets are enabled and created a few volumes for storing a secret for certain containers, while restarting the server, it look a long time for docker daemon to be up. Is this normal. Logs are showing the below error

dockerd[1457]: time=“2017-08-23T08:49:06.702237423-07:00” level=warning msg=“Error restoring volume” driver=rancher-secrets error=“error while checking if volume “1a8b9619367128145f702482a18cdc6ba9430d9d18b6448febc3587f869b5848” exists in driver “rancher-secrets”: Error looking up volume plugin rancher-secrets: legacy plugin: plugin not found” volume=1a8b9619367128145f702482a18cdc6ba9430d9d18b6448febc3587f869b5848
infra-baseserver2 dockerd[1457]: time=“2017-08-23T08:49:06.702857158-07:00” level=warning msg=“Unable to locate plugin: rancher-secrets, retrying in 1s”