Rancher-nfs: plugin not found

On the boot2docker OS when using Volumes that use the rancher-nfs driver, I get the following:

Error (Error response from daemon: create Volume: create Volume: Error looking up volume plugin rancher-nfs: plugin not found

It has also been reported to work on Ubuntu
It seems there is a crucial difference in boot2docker that stops the nfs-driver from working correctly.
On RancherOS it works, but this does not seem to be be compatible with the vsphere driver…

Any help will be appreciated

it seemed that the plugin not registered in /run/docker/plugins.

if not exist rancher-nfs.sock, you should do following:

# cd /run/docker/plugins
# ln -s /var/run/rancher/storage/rancher-nfs.sock rancher-nfs.sock

I have some nodes that I am consistently getting this error.

They are CoreOS 1465.8.0 with docker 1.12.6 and after booting I see rancher-nfs running, but no plugin socket is created. I also noted that there was no directory /run/docker/plugins after booting… creating the directory and adding the link allows the machine to see rancher-nfs

Soo… does link creation fail because on some platforms the directory is not created ?

Hi @kkvilekval, I was experiencing the same issue, but I have yet been able to resolve it, did you figure out a solution to your issue?