Docker Storage Driver

Hi all,

Is there a way to change the storage driver used? I’d like to use aufs rather overlayfs due to a hard link limit issue.


AUFS isn’t something available in a stock kernel so I don’t know if anything non-standard is possible or likely.

However, overlay2 is a huge improvement which is coming as part of 1.12 - I hope RancherOS switch to that storage driver in the next version (it uses the same kernel module but uses a lot less inodes and is therefore also much quicker for container create/remove)

Thanks @stuart, indeed it’s not listed in /proc/filesystems so my question is rather moot, thanks for responding with that information.

Looking forward to 1.12 for many other reasons too :wink:


If you build RancherOS with a kernel supporting aufs then it should work. You’d also have to change the arguments for System Docker and User Docker to use it (-s option).

Regarding overlay2, it’s certainly our plan to move to it eventually. See

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