RancherOS Release - v1.3.0

Release v1.3.0


  • Linux 4.9.80
  • Buildroot: 2017.02.10
  • Docker docker-17.09.1-ce by default
  • RPi64: Linux 4.9.80
  • Console:
    • Alpine: 3.7
    • CentOS: 7.4.1708
    • Debian: stretch
    • Fedora: 27
    • Ubuntu: xenial

Important - Upgrade

  • System-docker has now been upgraded to docker-ce-17.06. [#2255]
  • Users on a version prior to 17.12.1-ce: There is a problem switching docker from 17.12.1-ce to other versions, a workaround can be found here. [#2300]
  • Default storage driver has now switched to Overlay2 for system-docker. [#2298]

Note on upgrade: if you use ros os upgrade to upgrade this version, the data under system-docker will be wiped as storage driver is changed to Overylay2. User needs to backup and restore the system-docker data before upgrade, detailed steps can be found here.

New Features

  • Added support for UDOO x86 [#2260]
  • Added support for configuring the ssh port and listen address [#1039]
  • Added support for configuring ROS image prefix for installation or service pulls [#2178]

Major Bug Fixes since v1.2.0

  • Fix an issue where a reboot didn’t occur after a kernel panic [#1785]
  • Fix an issue where a memory leak is caused by the system cron service [#2258]
  • Fix an issue where user cannot install RancherOS by an USB bootable disk with rufus [#2241]
  • Fix an issue where DigitalOcean VMs cannot resize their root disk [#2308]