Does Rancher 2.6 came with Ingress built-in?

Does Rancher 2.6 came with Ingress built-in?
As I see in Service Discovery, there is Ingress on menu. Do we need pre-reqs install or config before use it?

If ready to use, can we ask for parameters for Ingress?

Specify a hostname to use

  • hostname - I’m not sure that what hostname we need to specify. For example: master hostname, another one machine that ingress running, or any domain name that we register for URL
  • path - Does is context root for app in container?

You need to deploy an Ingress Controller of your choosing, Rancher does not come with a Ingress Controller baked in. It will create the Ingress Kubernetes object, but a controller is still required to actually do Ingress duties.

Thank you @Casey_Stark . Does is an Ingress Controller deployment in some Rancher documentation page? Or, can would you share?


Everybody is going to have their own opinion on this, but I personally use NGINX Ingress Controllers, so I’m going to reference documentation on that, but feel free to look around.

Back when I deployed Rancher, I used this write up. Granted at that time it was actually online but it looks like it’s down at the moment… You can skip the k3s part and jump right to installing MetalLB (only if your Kubernetes environment doesn’t already have the ability to properly do LoadBalancer services (as is the case of a k3s cluster or similar).

Please be aware that the Ingress API has recently changed and it does not appear Rancher has caught up to that change, but this is mostly around Ingress classes, so really only applies if you will have multiple Ingress Controller which even that is up for debate on pros and cons of multiple ingress controllers in a Kubernetes cluster.

Thank you @Casey_Stark

More question, as I inspect in my cluster events, there is pod named ‘nginx-ingress-controller-…’.
I’m not sure does is v2.6 has additional ingress component more than previous versions?

Ahh, I think I was on the wrong page… But now I think I’m caught up.

If I’m looking at this right, the “cluster-smooth” cluster you are looking at was deployed by Rancher? Yes? If so, there is an option under Cluster Management to deploy Nginx Ingress

If I remember correctly, I believe it is Enabled by default, so if you didn’t disable it, it would be there. This option was present in 2.5 as well.

I don’t know what version of Nginx Ingress it is installing as I don’t use because I don’t know what version it is… So I don’t trust it.

Partially related, but where you able to create a workload and access it with ingress?
I was able to do it with Rancher 2.5 but not with 2.6

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I still cannot use Ingress.

I always got error 404 as my new topic spawn in Try to use Ingress in Rancher 2.6 but still not worked