Disable Rancher-Managed Ingress controller

We’re planning to use Rancher to provide management, but will use “imported” clusters and we’ll manage ingress controllers ourselves.

I’m testing out a samle deployment, and noticing that the Ingress (under “load balancing”) is stuck in “Initializing”.

We run a custom Traefik deployment on our clusters, so we don’t want Rancher to do any interference with its own ingress controllers etc. Is this possible? Do I need to set some annotation etc in order for Rancher to understand that it shouldn’t manage Ingresses for us?

We don’t “do” anything to the ingress controller. You’re creating an ingress rule, and it says initializing because no controller is picking it up and applying that rule.

Gotcha, thanks. I should have clarified better.
That said, how does rancher know if the ingress rule has been applied by an ingress controller?

status -> loadBalancer -> ingress on the rule is updated by the controller with the endpoints the rule is reachable at.

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