Does the Load Balancer Service support websockets?

Does the built-in Load Balancer support websockets? Specifically, I was hoping to use the LB for ssl termination (I’m currently using http load balancing to get path based routing) for my websocket-running application – is this possible?

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I have tested websockets through both the load balancer and links, both have stability (disconnect) issues at the moment on the current release. But I believe that Rancher is planning to release a more featurefull/configurable implementation of the HAProxy loadbalancer soon.

I would think that’s probably just the default timeout that you could make longer with the global/defaults customization that already exists…

Hi ,
I want to know , if you make it work with defaut load balancer ??

How can we trouble shoot the balancer? Any way to read the config from the CLI or logs?

I have added the custom timeouts as shown in several posts including timeout tunnel, but despite this it kills connections every 30-35s…