Dropping Cattle in favour of Kubernetes?

We had some guys in from a well known virtualisation company that stated they were working with Rancher on a product they are offering. He said that Rancher were planning on dropping Cattle in favour of Kubernetes.

I was a little taken aback, seems like a crazy move to me if it’s true, but these guys carry a fair bit of weight and I’ve got no reason to not believe them. I’m currently pushing my organisation to adopt Rancher with Cattle and would hate to get everything in place for support to be dropped leaving me looking like quite the fool! Can anyone confirm/discredit this statement?

I’d like to know (privately) who this company/contact is so we can track down why they’re making up and distributing future plans for us…

Cattle is not going away. What are benefits or downsides in using Swarm / Kubernetes / Mesos / Cattle