ec2 activation after every restart


suse ec2 activatation on every restart.
can we avoid aws ec2 activation after every restart.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)

Ramesh Gunna


You appear to be using an instance that is still connected to the old update infrastructure. This update infrastructure will be shut down on May 18 and you should have received notification from Amazon. A new update infrastructure [1] has been in place since September 2014, and was enabled when we released images that addressed Shellshock. Also images fall under a life cycle [2] and you are no longer able to receive updates for this SLES 11 SP2 based instance. Instances should be migrated [3] to ensure you receive the latest security updates and bug fixes.

Please bring your running instance up to date and the problem will be resolved.


Thank you.