EC2 cattle hosts shows disconnected after some time running

Hi there, first time here.
I set a rancher server in an AWS EC2 instance, the registration URL is that address itself (perhaps I need a static ip?), I also launched an EC2 Cattle node to run all my containers.
The problem is that after some time I lose connectivity. When I see the stack all services are active but the EC2 host status says the host is disconnected, I didn’t try to SSH into it because I had to reestablish it ASAP, but to start it again I have to Stop the instance and start it again.
I’m running Rancher v1.5.1
I don’t want to launch extra instances based on heath checks because I almost don’t have traffic there yet.
What could be causing this and how can I troubleshoot it?


Your rancher server at least should have an EIP.

I know, I’ll try that but the address haven’t changed since I first started the instance

Any ideas? it happens almost every night.