eDir to GAFE to Office365?

I am sure this can be done within IDM or a sub product but I am having
issues finding information on what all I need to add to my SLA for this
function. What I would like to do is have my eDir objects (Users/Groups)
sync between my Google Apps For education setup as well as my MS Office
365 setup. Can someone point me in the correct direction to get this




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You might want to post in the IDM support group. If that’s not the
correct place, someone there will likely know the right place for you
to look.
https://forums.novell.com/forumdisplay.php/1307-Identity-Manager :slight_smile:

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Please read the following before posting in here:

You need licenses for the IDM Standard Edition, Google driver and Office
365 driver for this to work.

So if you already have IDM you need to add those two drivers, that is
two different licenses. Your sales rep should be able to get you the
details and price quote on it.

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