Update Userinformation

Hi Forum,

I’m struggling where to start… so I just start here :slight_smile:

We are using Groupwise 2014 with eDir as User Backend.
Unfortunately an big part of the user information (like department or
phone number) is incomplete, outdated or something else.
To correct this, I received an excel file with the most actual data and
I was told to “import” it.

Sooo… where would you start?

My first thought was a perl script that uses LDAP to modify the users.
But is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

“Have you tried turn it off and on again?”

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Start in the Novell forums (these) but under the Support section, and then
under the GroupWise product.

Also, when you post there, include what “incomplete, outdated or something
else” means in quantitative terms. Sure, you can update LDAP, but maybe
that will not help fix what is believed to be wrong (for example, if you
have attributes within the address book that look wrong).

Good luck.

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