Enable K8S Plane Isolation using API


I have been testing Rancher to deploy a K8S environment and found that the plane isolation feature to give the K8S cluster HA capabilities works quite great. In my OpenStack environment, I have been using HEAT to automate the deployment of a full Rancher/K8S cluster (1 rancher VM, 7 K8S VMs – 3 data plane vms, 2 orch plane vms, and 2 compute node vms).

I have been having trouble trying to find how to enable this plane isolation feature in the form of an API call as compared to just modifying the K8S Env Template out of the GUI. Does anybody know what would be the API request to enable this feature, or more specific Rancher API documentation further than https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v1.4/en/api/v2-beta/api-resources/projectTemplate/?

Any help is appreciated.