Rancher Release - v0.63.0

Release v0.63.0



  • This will likely be our last major milestone release before we head to Rancher 1.0 GA! Thanks very much to the community for providing us with great feedback and while we cannot get to every feature request or bug, rest assured that we will do our very best to look into them post GA.

New Features

  • Kubernetes, Kubernetes, Kubernetes [#3145] - Rancher now supports Kubernetes as a cluster management framework when creating environments as an alternative to Cattle. Once enabled, Rancher will automatically plumb in the network for container communication and all hosts that are added into Rancher will automatically be added to k8s.Note: In v0.63.0, Kubernetes is not able to start on systemd based OS. Please use v0.63.1. Other features include:
    • The ability for users to manage access rights through Rancher environments.
    • A rich User Interface that allows CRUD operations on Services, Replication Controllers, and Pods.
    • UI support for container exec and logs.
    • UI support for web console access to your own kubectl command line interface.
    • Automatic configuration with Rancher DNS. The user experience between SkyDNS and Rancher will be identical.
    • Leveraging Rancher Load Balancer Services for routing host network traffic to containers and pods.
    • Integration with Rancher catalog so that k8s templates can now be managed and launched from a common repository.
    • Automatic generation of kube/config that can be given to users to directly connect via kubectl to their new k8s cluster.
    • Launching your own k8s environment is as easy as a single click and can be ready to be used within 5-10 minutes.
  • Dynamic Machine Drivers [#2923] - Rancher now takes advantage of Docker Machine’s dynamic plugins so users can now add their own Machine Drivers into Rancher to have them automatically pop up as an available “cloud provider” for adding hosts.

Rancher Catalog

Known Major Issues

  • Kubernetes is not able to start with systemd based OS [#3952]
  • During upgrade, large datasets could have timing out issues [#3949]

Major Bug Fixes since v0.59.1

  • Lots of UI fixes were added!
  • Fixed an issue where a Service Alias to another Service Alias does not resolve properly via DNS [#3690]
  • Fixed an issue where switching Environments would be slow as the # of Environments grew [#3643]
  • Added a confirmation step when stopping a service [#3532]
  • Added Container ID to the container detail page [#2474]

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