Error Creating a Namespace with default permissions

Hello all,

currently I am fighting with this error message:

I don’t know why I am getting this error message since the only thing I have done is updating Rancher 2.7.3 (previous 2.7.2).
Trivial tasks such as creating a Namespace are throwing this error.
The only way I can currently work around the issue is to give the Cluster-Admin Permission.

Some general cluster information:

  • Rancher v2.7.3
  • RKE2 v1.25.9 + Calico
  • Group Authentication: Active Directory (LDAP)
  • Global Permissions: User-Base
  • Cluster Permissions: Cluster-Member
  • Project Permissions: Project-Member

Sounds a bit like [BUG] tigera-operator fails due to rancher-webhook denying access · Issue #41191 · rancher/rancher · GitHub
So probably the rancher-webhook is not granting the right permissions…

Thanks for the hint.
After updating to the Rancher Version 2.7.5 the Issue has dissapeared. Since the Webhook got redeployed with the update I think the Webhook Bug has been resolved.