Error upgrading haproxy: Read-only file system


I see the following in the master logs:

2016-05-30 08:24:43,287 ERROR [:] [] [] [] [ecutorService-3] [.p.c.v.i.ConfigItemStatusManagerImpl] Failed null, exit code [1] output [INFO: Updating haproxy
mktemp: failed to create directory via template '/var/lib/cattle/download.XXXXXXX': Read-only file system

Why is this happening? (I’m on 1.02 stable BTW)

Could you try to restart your network agents and load balancers to see if you still have these issues?

The second paragraph explains how to update your instances using network-agent.

Hi @denise,

I no longer see the errors, so I guess restarting the agents and load-balancers was what fixed it. Thank you.