esx & tape drive

Anyone have any suggestions for getting a quantum superloader LTO3
drive to work on an esx 5.1 host?

I changed the settings on the adaptec aha-29320ALP card to use
multi-lun for the scsi address of the tape device.

When scanning that device in vsphere, I see two paths, one active:


and one dead:


I’ve been looking at documents & trying different things most of the
day & cannot seem to get this working.

Anyone willing to help that has run into something similar & got it
working? I’d be most appreciative.


Is it not the same trick you needed to do in 4.x?

Anders Gustafsson (NKP)
The Aaland Islands (N60 E20)

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Anders Gustafsson sounds like they ‘said’:

Is it not the same trick you needed to do in 4.x?[/color]

So my response to Anders’s comment is…

I can’t get the 2nd command to work, when I try it (changing values for
my system or not), I get:

-sh: syntax error: unexpected “(”

Just for grins, I tried copying it from the web page, pasting it, and
running as is, still get that error…

It shouldn’t be this @#$%ing difficult to swap a tape drive.