/etc/inputrc vs .inputrc and bash autocompletion problems


OS: Open Suse 11.4 64 bit running inside Virtualbox.

I am following the link

to make bash behave like cmd.

It worked well in Arch Linux.

Recently I felt like I want to put this in Open Suse 11.4 and put the changes
to [COLOR="#0000FF"].inputrc[/COLOR] and restarted the box (permissions of .inputrc = 755)

[INDENT][FONT=Courier New][SIZE=4]set completion-ignore-case on

Ignore case when doing completion

set mark-directories on

Completed dir names have a slash appended

set visible-stats on

List ls -F for completion

“\C-i”: menu-complete

The TAB completion [COLOR="#FF0000"]DID NOT work[/COLOR].

Tried a lot but no luck.

I then moved the above section to /etc/inputrc and restarted the machine

and VIOLA the tab completion works.

But in my office env, I dont have the luxury of modifying the [COLOR="#0000FF"]/etc/inputrc[/COLOR] and only [COLOR="#0000FF"].inputrc[/COLOR] will help.

Any ideas/suggestion would help.

savithari wrote:

OS: Open Suse 11.4 64 bit running inside Virtualbox.[/color]

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