Existent persistent volume not found by the container

I’ve a new namespace in which I’ve launched an Helm app that creates some volumes and some containers.
The containers fail to start with this message:

Warning	FailedAttachVolume	AttachVolume.Attach failed for volume "library-site-test-mariadb-data" : rpc error: code = NotFound desc = ControllerPublishVolume: the volume library-site-test-mariadb-data not exists	a few seconds ago
Warning	FailedMount	Unable to attach or mount volumes: unmounted volumes=[mariadb-data], unattached volumes=[mariadb-data default-token-fmd87]: timed out waiting for the condition

But in the volumes section of this namespace the volume exists.
Which could be the problem?
How can I debug this problem?

I’m using Rancher 2.5.6 and Longhorn.

Thank you very much


I’ve seen that the Helm chart creates the volume on Rancher but not on Longhorn.
So this is why I have that error.
I still don’t know why the helm chart doesn’t create the volume on Longhorn.

I’ve solved adding manually the volume from the Longhorn interface.