Explore button for RKE Cluster created in Rancher stays Disabled

New to using Rancher. Deployed the Docker image and when I went to the UI, I see a local named cluster already created.

Ignoring that, I created a new cluster using option : Use existing nodes and create a cluster using RKE and then added my Ubuntu VM with all 3 roles (etcd, CP, worker).

Post that, I have the cluster in Active state shown, but unlike the local cluster, the Explore option is disabled for my created clusters. Thus, there is not much I can do, such as looking at Nodes, Pods, or deploying anything via UI.

This is the view: (refer cluster by the name: k81-lemieux)

Note: The admin user logged in has Admin privs and all the possible privs shown.

Need inputs on where am I going wrong and how can i control the cluster same way as the options are there for local?

Any inputs would be helpful :-). Kind of struck as of now.

I have this exact problem. Did you find a solution?

Have the exact same issue on my newly deployed Rancher 2.6.0, any pointers would be very much appreciated!