Rancher v2.7.1 sidebar gone & cluster stuck

Using Rancher v2.7.1 I tried to provision a RKE2 Downstream-cluster on DigitalOcean with corresponding node-drivers.

The cluster was shown in the cluster overview but completely without the nodes/droplets defined within the rke2-cluster-configuration. So I wanted to remove this cluster again but unfortunately it did not work. The cluster stucks somehow without name and this only in cluster explorer, not in old (still accessable cluster manager).

I restarted Rancher and after it the sidebar, which is accessible at the top left via the dashes, no longer works. It can no longer be opened.
Since that point we can’t manage the clusters any more at all.

In Rancher logs I found:

2023/06/09 10:41:40 [ERROR] error syncing 'rancher-rke2-charts': handler helm-clusterrepo-ensure: git -C /var/lib/rancher-data/local-catalogs/v2/rancher-rke2-charts/675f1b63a0a83905972dcab2794479ed599a6f41b86cd6193d69472d0fa889c9 fetch origin -- ccd7e8052e4165a759adf7454a7fe00d98e13d51 error: exit status 128, detail: error: Server does not allow request for unadvertised object ccd7e8052e4165a759adf7454a7fe00d98e13d51

It seems to be related.

Does anyone have any ideas about the cause or troubleshooting?