Exposing Services on Harvester


We have a Harvester setup, which we would like to use for development infrastructure services (e.g. repositories) and test/experimental environments (being rancher managed k8s clusters). For this purpose it is necessary to be able to route incoming connections to nodes on Harvester. However, so far I haven’t found a comprehensive description on how to setup a node that has an IP on the outer interface of the Harvester node, which would imo be necessary for that purpose. I understand that the involved networking components (linux bridging, multus, KubeVirt etc.) support this, but they are all somewhat hidden unter Harvester’s surface. As I would like to continue with Harvester instead of using our new server as yet another ESXi node, I would be very glad about some hints on how to achieve this - even if it’s just a set of links and a rough sketch on how to proceed.

Best regards, Remi.

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Any update on this topic? Where can I get a tutorial on Harvester networking so I can access my VMs from outside the host?

You can easily access VM’s from outside the host by enabling VLANs and setting up VLAN with an id of one.

  • Users can use VLAN with PVID (default 1) to communicate with any normal untagged traffic.

Taken from the final bullet point under the diagram found here:


First go to advanced>settings>vlan and toggle to enable and assign a nic (you can find an interface name for a nic by running ip a or ifconfig in the terminal on the host).

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Thank you very much for the hint. All works well now.