External DNS and load balancer fqdn

hi rancher fans
I have some problem with the dns and the rancher load balancer. Hope someone have has an idea
my environment:
rancher bind dns with the root zone example.test
rancher load balancer
5x nginx container (port 80, not exposed to the host)
If i expose the ports the dnsupdate-rfc2136 creates automatically the A record in the bind dns. Unfortunately then i can only expose one container with port 80 to the host. So i decided to use the rancher load balancer and work with host header, so I don’t have to expos the ports on each container to the host.
The problem is, that the dnsupdate-rfc2136 doesn’t crates the host header automatically. Has anyone an idea how can I automate the creation of a fqdn without exposing the ports to the host on each container

Awesome. thanks for the tip i will look at it.