Help about dns resolving to containers

Hi guys,
I’m pretty new to Rancher and docker.
I have currently 3 hosts set up.
I’m trying to set up a web server which would be reachable at any time, even if 2 of the hosts are unreachable.
I saw a load balancer option but I still don’t get where I should point the web domain name to?

Many thanks for your help

Hi guys sorry to bump it up.
I must admit I’m pretty lost with the way rancher could orchestrate my containers.

I tried to set up a pretty simple web server and make it load balance on 3 hosts.

For that purpose I set up a load balancer scaled to 3 and pointed it to my ngninx service (scaled to 3 also).

I was expecting with this setup to be able to unplug network on any 2 of the 3 hosts and have the service still alive but it’s not ok.

I’m probably making it the wrong way.

Could you help ?

Did your nginx service have a health check? Otherwise, having a a host in reconnecting will not re-schedule the containers of the service onto another host.

Hi Denise,
many thanks,
you’re right, I didn’set it up. Should I check it with with http or tcp ?

Here are more details about my setup.

I have 3 hosts, host1, host2 and host3

I have 2 stacks with 1 nginx service each, sidekicked with a php service. let’s call it web1,and web2.
Each stack is scaled to 3.

I have another stack, created only for load balancing and dns routing.
One load balancer service is created inside, deployed on every host, routing to web1/nginx, and to web2/nginx

load balancer is deployed on my hosts and dns are setup as round robin betwween the 3 hosts.

Could you kindly give remarks / advices about my setup ?