External dns with bind deployed on Rancher

Hi all,

I have set up a Bind server which works perfectly and have a zone which contains 3 machines.
These 3 machines are hosts of a rancher server.
Those ones have the same OS : rancherOS

I would like to deploy an external dns which will update BIND server and the zone related.
First, is it possible ? Has somebody ever done it before ?

For that point, I used the rancher catalog in order to deploy the external dns : dnsupdate-rfc2136.
I created a tsig key.
What could I do to have the key taken into account in order to make that external dns update Bind server?

For now I add to my “named.conf” the key and then allow-update {key xyz;} in my zone.
After deploying the container nothing changes.

If you have any clue or even the same issue than me, it could be nice to share our information.
If I did not go deep enough with some details, please ask me.

Best regards,