External etcd for custom created clusters

Hi there,

I was not able to configure an external etcd server endpoint with the yaml configuration for custom created clusters. It seems to be ignored at all.
I created the cluster, added no nodes yet, configured the external etcd, add compute plane and worker nodes -> Cluster did not come up.

Is it not supposed to be configured there?

I found the documentation only for rke clusters ( even not working at all: rke-issue-1404 ) and used the config syntax in my rancher ui yaml representation.

Is it not supported to configure custom created clusters with an external etcd?

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I’m also interested in doing the same thing that @chrish is trying to do, but with no luck. Is there anyone that has achieved this?

In case anyone is wondering why not just create nodes from rancher with the etcd role, my nodes don’t have any persistent storage and I want to keep the etcd part separated from the worker, control plane nodes.

If the documentation at Rancher Docs: External etcd doesn’t work, then its a bug and it should be filed under https://github.com/rancher/rke/issues/new so we can investigate it. Please include cluster.yml, and the steps how you created your external etcd, including the debug log of rke up.

Thanks for your answer @superseb. The problem, in my case, is not with rke but with Rancher server (Rancher 2.x Docs: What is New?).

Creating a K8s cluster, using Rancher2.x (the GUI version), does not work if using an external etcd and following the steps that are detailed in the RKE Docs - External etcd. The steps DO work with rke, but not with Rancher 2.x

Is this a bug as well? And if it is, where should I report it?

I don’t think this is supported, cluster provisioning doesn’t kick off when there is no etcd nodes in the cluster. What is the cluster state and/or error when you try to configure it?