External LB for Kubernetes

Hi all!
Rancher by default, add LB to the first host for Kubernetes.
If I have multiple hosts and falls first, where LB, the entire infrastructure becomes unavailable.
I think that you can solve this problem if you put an external LB, I’ve read a lot of articles online but have not found how to do it for Kubernetes in rancher.
Please tell me what are the ideas to solve my problem?
Thank you in advance!


not sure to understand exactly your question, but if you want to route trafic into your k8s cluster with High availability :

  • create a global LB which will run on all nodes (or at least your front nodes),
  • configure your external load balancer to lb the 80 and/or 443 ports towards the k8s nodes
  • point the DNS to the VIP of you external LB

www.test.com => ELB => Node 1/ Node 2 LB => container service