Rancher Hosts High availibility


I have a rancher platform up and running, now I’m looking on how to expose my containers on my network.

Here is my setup :

  • 2 dedicated VM for rancher-server in HA with external database,
  • 2 VM for rancher-hosts (cattle),

all those VM are on the same network.

For accessing the rancher-server I use my load balancer.

My platform will be used to deploy dev application. So now I want to give access to my containers through URL like :


docker.domain.local would point to the IP on one of my node.
For this I know I can use the load balancer within rancher. My only issue, is I’m running 2 rancher-hosts. So If one node goes down, I still want my containers to be reachable (yeah I’m paid for this :smile: )

The only solution I found is to :

  • use my external load balancer to forward trafic to both node, in that case if one node is down all trafic will be redirected to the second node.

I’m not very happy with this, because I need to to use an external tool.

Am I missing something ?

Thank you for your help !