external_links are ignored when creating a stack

Note: I have created a video to show the whole process and will explain also. (Right click and download as I dont think browsers can play h265 videos yet)

I have a stack that is called “Piel” that has a number of redis and mongo containers running in it. I wish to create a new stack and have external links that connects to the redis and mongo containers in the “Piel” stack.

When I do this I receive a JSON unmarshalling error but the stack builds successfully. After starting the stack there are no external_links present. They can be manually added but this is less than ideal.

Below is the yaml.

asset-service: image: redis external_links: - ${mongo_service}:mongo - ${mq_service}:mq

.catalog: name: "PielAsset-AMQP" version: "0.1" description: "Piel Asset Service (AMQP)" questions: - variable: "mongo_service" type: "service" label: "Mongo Service" description: "Choose the Mongo database to connect the Asset service to!" default: "Piel/Mongo-Assets" - variable: "mq_service" type: "service" label: "MQ Host name" description: "Choose the RabbitMQ Host to connect the Asset service to!" default: "Piel/Piel-Redis-Cache"

It sounds like you are hitting this issue:

Unfortunately, I have never been able to reproduce in house.

The JSON unmarshal seems to be a Docker issue, but not reliably reproducible.