Cannot create external services from docker-compose/rancher-compose


I’m trying to duplicate an environment from one rancher env onto another, however when trying to get a stack with my backend external links I keep getting Expected state running but got error: Image [] failed to pull: Pulling repository whenever I try to run the links…

Should rancher be treating these differently? I can pull other images, and I can create external links if I add them from the GUI…

any idea?

What version are you using? How are you duplicating stacks? What does whenever I try to run the links mean? If you can provide what steps you are taking and what happens at what point, it helps to reproduce and investigate.

Hi, it was the latest as of time of the post (12 days ago).

I used the gui to export and then create a new stack.

Sorry for not being specific - by “run the links” I mean literally hitting “start” in the gui.

Creating the links from the gui clears it up…