External nginx Ingress controller

I have spinup a k8s cluster using RKE v1.2.11. and recently I upgraded it to RKE v1.3.11 which is the latest stable version. I have a requirement to upgrade the Nginx version to >1.20.x.
With the default ingress controller, I found that nginx version was 1.19.10.
So that I disabled the default ingress controller and installed some nginx ingress controller using helm charts. But with that Im facing below issues:

  1. The annotations are not applied to ingress.
    (Ex: Basic authentication is not working, headers applied with annotation are not applied)
  2. Can not expose TCP Traffic with a seperate port

Can anyone suggest to me a better way to install nginx ingress controller to my rke cluster??

Me again,
I just wanna know whether the rancher supports Nginx Ingress Controllers install by helm??
We have found a bug in the current version of nginx(v1.19.10). Bug details (Vulnerable versions are listed there)
Don’t we have a fixed version of nginx (ex: > Nginx v1.20.1) to overcome the above bug?

You might try asking on Slack instead, more Rancher folks drop by there.

I’ve seen Rancher people mention how to disable installing an ingress controller at all in K3S & RKE2 and then people can manage manually. That hearsay is about all I can say personally, though.

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I use an external NGinx Ingress Controller, to be able to have a service with type LaodBalancer, and dynamically deploy a LB (Octavia/OpenStack) on my cluster.

It works here.

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