ExternalDNS: Record created in Cloudflare GUI but not on DNS servers


We are running v2.4.5 on a dev cluster. We have managed to get volume management, cert-manager and our own catalog working. Unfortunatly we have encountered a problem with ExternalDNS that has us stumped.

Rancher seems to be creating a DNS entry that we can see in the Cloudflare GUI but for some reason the IP is not being propagated to the DNS servers so we cannot use the host name to resolve the IP to access our apps.

Strangely, letsencrypt does seem to be working but it could be that letsencrypt only requires the TXT record that cert-manager creates.

Since this may also be a Cloudflare issue, we have opened a support ticket with Cloudflare. We are also looking at the Rancher code but thought that we should post this just in case anyone else has experienced the same issue.