DNSimple Cannot setup


Fantastic software by the way. I just got started getting my hands dirty with Rancher so I’m pretty new.

I have been trying to setup DNSimple but I’m getting no where.

01/10/2016 9:33:40 PMtime="2016-10-01T13:33:40Z" level=info msg="CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL is not set, skipping init of CloudFlare provider"
01/10/2016 9:33:40 PMtime="2016-10-01T13:33:40Z" level=fatal msg="Hosted zone gitlab-server.gitlab.Production.git.servibots.com is missing"

This is what the logs tells me and it does not make sense to me. Can anybody help me on what to do?


i’ve hit the same “bug” last night, it is related to the version of the catalog app (v0.2.1).
i’ve created my own catalog app which uses latest version (v0.5.0) and it’s working pretty well.

don’t hesitate to open an issue about this :slight_smile:

ping me if help needed :slight_smile:

Hello xinity1,

I kinda figured it out. I used Nginx as a proxy server and it’s good enough for me.

Thank you by the way, hope I can help you in some way too in the future.