Failed to bring up Control Plane on AWS

I am trying to start up a fresh Rancher install on AWS and I’m having trouble with the first steps.

The main rancher instance is running on a t2.medium with Ubuntu 18.04 following the steps from the Manual Quick Start

I set it up on a simple EC2 instance with an ALB in front.

then I setup 2 t2.medium workers and a single t2.small to be etcd and control plane and I can’t get it registered with kubernetes. I even let rancher create it’s own rancher-nodes security group to avoid these kinds of issues

However, I keep seeing this error message:

[controlPlane] Failed to bring up Control Plane: Failed to verify healthcheck: Failed to check https://localhost:6443/healthz for service [kube-apiserver] on host []: Get https://localhost:6443/healthz: can not build dialer to c-s78k8:m-9xkr6, log: I1204 11:14:52.326510 1 storage_rbac.go:276] created in kube-public

I know this is a common issue in the forums, but I am running a brand new installation so I feel like this should not be happening.

Any ideas on what it can be?