Failed to bring up Etcd Plane - mkdir /var/lib/etcd: read-only file system

I’m spinning up a brand new Rancher server and cluster for testing on Ubuntu 18.04.2 using these instructions:

I’ve gotten as far as creating the cluster and deploying a node, but the cluster is stuck in Provisioning state with the following error message:

[etcd] Failed to bring up Etcd Plane: Failed to start [etcd] container on host []: Error response from daemon: error while creating mount source path ‘/var/lib/etcd’: mkdir /var/lib/etcd: read-only file system

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

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The problem seems to be that I was using Ubuntu 18.04.2 and used snap to install Docker. I redeployed using Ubuntu 16.04 and cluster provisioning worked just fine.

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