Failed to create VHD to bring image to azure

Hi All,
im in part on development to bring suse image SLES 11 SP3 to azure, i haved install the image in the on premise on Hyper-v. after installation i convert the image from .vhdx to .vhd but it always failed when booting using the vhd image.
the error message was “failed to find /dev/disk/by-id/scsi…”

my question is, is there any documentation or manual to prepare SLES 11 SP3 onpremise to azure? because if im use the general instruction from the microsoft. it can run on sles 11 sp3.

hope someone can answer my question.


I’m sorry, but SLES 11 SP3 has been completely out of support, even LTSS, for a year now. Please upgrade your applications to SLES 11 SP4 at least, and then you can use the supported images.

thanks for your reply,
is there any official link from suse based on your statement?
another question is, so we cant convert my image to the vhd?


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See: and

hi guys,
thanks for your reply,
im sorry im new person in suse, i was check the link you give me so the SLES 11 SP3 was end from long time. so it mean i cant get any support even i haved renew the subscription for that version?

@Muhamad Hi, subscriptions are time based, not release based. So you can install any supported release and if have a subscription obtain updates and support.

hi @malcolmlewis thanks for your information.