Fatal error after switching console


I’m new to RancherOS and tried to switch console to Ubuntu

I did
sudo ros console switch ubuntu
But now my RancherOS system can’t start anymore. See screenshot

I wonder why this occured and how it (if it) can be repaired without reinstalling.

Best regards

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What version of RancherOS are you running?

Also, what command did you use? and where are you running RancherOS?

Hi Denise,

I am running RancherOS v0.6.1 on a NEC VL280 Desktop

The command I used is :

sudo ros console switch ubuntu

Thank you for your help


This seems to be a known Docker issue. I think the workaround is to remove the directory causing the issue.

It seems the fix for this is in Docker master but it won’t be part of a release until Docker 1.13.

Thank you for your help.
It works fine.

I have restarted my compyter with a live CD of Ubuntu.
So I mounted my local disk to remove the ‘04880ffe…’ directory.

After a restart RancherOS works again.
The only problem is that my login/password do not works, but I can connect myself ot the system in a ssh terminal.

Best Regards