RancherOS v1.0 raspberry pi: no consoles besides the default one

when I try to pull my favorite console here is what I get:

Pulling console (rancher/os-debianconsole:v1.0.0_arm)...
Pulling repository docker.io/rancher/os-debianconsole
&{%!s(*os.file=&{2 /dev/stderr })}> ERRO[0012] Failed Pulling console : Status: Tag v1.0.0_arm not found in repository docker.io/rancher/os-debianconsole, Code: 1 
> ERRO[0012] Failed to start: console : Status: Tag v1.0.0_arm not found in repository docker.io/rancher/os-debianconsole, Code: 1 

Any fixes inbound? or is there a work around?
After some digging around it seems the latest console for raspberry pi is 0.9.2 so at that time there is NO console working besides the default one for a raspberry pi 1.0 install.

system-docker pull rancher/os-debianconsole:v0.9.2_arm
system-docker tag rancher/os-debianconsole:v0.9.2_arm rancher/os-debianconsole:v1.0.0_arm
ros console switch debian

Didn’t work: still tried to pull the nonexistent console.

Now where do I change the console version and tag that I pull when doing ros console switch?


good find - I’ve tags and repushed rancher/os-debianconsole:v1.0.0_arm - can you confirm that it works?

I’ll poke the others later

Thanks for the fix!
Now I can download the console but at first boot, with my cloud-config specifying the debian console, it won’t download it automatically. When doing ros console list it will show the debian console as currently used (even if it’s false).

Now there’s another problem: when I switch console to the debian one rancherOS downloads it, disconnects me and the ssh server is killed but never respawns. All the running containers become unresponsive too (all used ports show as filtered even with the firewall being as permissive as can be).

After a hard reboot things get better. None of the package that should have been installed (as by the runcmd section of the cloud config) are there because there wasn’t any console to work with but at least I can ssh to the raspberry pi and install them manually.

I saw an error message pass during the boot process that talked about bad certificates for the debian-console image (either invalid or not valid yet) so I’m guessing there’s also problem with the cert validation when creating the connection to the server hosting the console images.
error is already present in 0.9: "failed to load console raw.githubusercontent… x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid

Another strange issue: after install I put some files directly on the sd card in the rootfs (folders are named raspi_docker and files), the raspi_docker folder disappears after the first boot, but the “files” folder remains. Probably unrelated.

Btw, good job maintaining both a raspberry pi and other versions, it isn’t easy and even if some bugs slip through from time to time you are doing great work!