Feedback for the main OPENSUSE.


May I please just give a side view on OpenSuse:

OpenSuse is very very nice.

Please look into making it feel and act more cozy.
Stuff such as the current wallpaper, all of it. Make it like this cozy
home that you come to.

Nice and cozy feeling to the OS.


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I think you got a wrong idea about what this subforum is for. It is for
openSUSE users doing development (programming of any kind) for
themselves, to ask for help when they encounter problems. E.g. when you
try to write a bash script and can not find out why it is not doing what
you want it to do.

This is NOT to address the developers of openSUSE. Mos of them will
never or seldom visit the forums.

I think, best is to move this thread to General Chit-chat to see what
other openSUSE users think of your idea.

This is CLOSED and will be moved.

Henk van Velden

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