Fleet values in external file

I am looking to use flee with an external helm repo. I see that under targetCustomizations There is a helm values sections like:

- name: dev
      replication: false

For organizational reasons, I would like to put those values in a different file. I have tried things like putting a values_patch.yaml or values.yaml file in a overlays/dev/ folder and other things like it. However, I can’t seem to make it work outside of adding the values directly into the fleet.yaml file. The docs imply this is possible, but I can’t seem to find a good example that shows how to do this with the helm values file. Any help would be appreciated as I am looking forward to using this great new tool!



I am also looking for same thing. Did you find any solution ?

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@Yashveer_Arya - I didn’t find a solution yet, but I am going to give this another look this week. Hopefully someone from Rancher can pop on and let us know if this is even possible. Please post if you happen to figure it out.