Configure Fleet bundles with values unique to each cluster

I’m starting to use Fleet for cluster management. We run a dozen or so kubernetes clusters and the basic services on each are very similar, but need slightly different configuration values for each cluster. For example, each cluster has it’s own hosted dns zone and external dns needs the zone id passed in on the command line. So in the bundle I’m making for external dns, I would like to avoid checking in a specific override file for each cluster and I am trying to use the template values for helm technique here: Templating Helm Values in fleet.yaml · Issue #1164 · rancher/fleet · GitHub

I can make it work with the clusterLabels and its clear how to set and manage these labels, these are the labels on the CRD object for the cluster.

But what is the source for ClusterValues like here: fleet-examples/fleet.yaml at test-cluster-values · rancher/fleet-examples · GitHub. How do you get data into the ClusterValues?

The answer is to put the values under spec.templateValues for the fleet cluster object.