For those going to Prague...

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Taxis can be problematic. I did take a cab in Prague once and was not
ripped off, but we generally use public transport.

You can get along just fine with public transportation. You can buy a
24 hour or three day pass. The subway is clearly signposted.

Whatever you do, do NOT ride the subway without a valid ticket! Also
check whether you need a new ticket when changing trains.

Stuff that might be worth seeing is the Charles Bridge, best seen early
mornings to escape the crowds. Take a stroll past the plaque on the
spot where Franz Kafka lived and remember that he did not have fun

The Jewish cemetery is worth seeing as well is the Pinkas Synagogue
that has a permanent exhibition of drawings done by children whilst in
concentration camps.

Take a stroll up to Hradcany (Castle hill).

Drink the local beer.

Generally, quality of food increase and prices decrease the farther you
go beyond the tourist spots.

Stuff to eat: Smazeny Syr. Deep fried cheese, breaded and with potatoes
and tartar sauce. Knedlicky, dumplings with rich gravy.

Anders Gustafsson (NKP)
The Aaland Islands (N60 E20)

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