FreeNX color Problem

After upgrading from SLES10 to SLES11 SP1 I installed the rpm packages

FreeNX-0.7.2-29.1.x86_64 and NX-3.4.0-22.1.x86_64 from the repository
‘Index of /repositories/X11:/RemoteDesktop/SLE_11’

with several X11 programs I get error messages like:

msm4:~ # xclock &
[1] 30370
msm4:~ # Warning: Color name “black” is not defined

On an SLES10 server I observed the same behavior with
NX-3.4.0-21.1.x86_64.rpm. Downgrading to NX-3.2.0-45.1.x86_64.rpm solved
the problem.

Do the above rpms work correctly for you? Any ideas how to solve the


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